Glistening White Snowflake Mug Rug

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Mug Rug Monday.

Last week I made the sparkling snowflake mug rug and I had lots of pieces left over from the curved checkerboard so I had actually made a second snowflake mug rug. I didn’t want to waste the pieces I had created and I didn’t want them sitting around waiting to be used either. I figured why not make the reverse of the other snowflake. A set of snowflake mug rugs.

As I said last week if I could do it again I would use white batting. Unfortunately, the piece was already quilted on unbleached batting and I wasn’t ripping out the quilting.

A silver, white and grey snowflake mug rug

The mug rug not looking quite right

I used the white fabric with the silver glitter for the snowflake. Such a pretty fabric – one of those ones that I wish I had a never ending supply of.

A very sparkly white and silver snowflake

Glistening white snowflake

After quilting the background I fused the snowflake in place and stitched the edges with a satin stitch using a variegated grey sulky thread. Love the thread.

Snowflake stitched in place on quilted background

Stitching done

But I didn’t really love the look of the whole piece so I set it aside and didn’t finish it. Something was missing.

This week I picked it up again since I had an idea of how to fix it.

I thought I would just cut off the side pieces and have the curvy checkerboard background with the snowflake making a smaller mug rug. It looked okay but still not quite what I was looking for.

Snowflake and background with borders removed

Borders removed

Then an idea came to me to add more quilting to the edges by continuing on the curved piecing from the middle section. I set up my machine for bobbin play with the Razzle Dazzle thread and started stitching. That gave it the finished look I was wanting.

Extra quilting lines added to borders

Horizontal quilting lines added in the borders

Adding the white fabric as binding the snowflake mug rug is now complete.

Completed snowflake mug rug

Bound and ready for use

Here is the pair of them. Uh-oh one is larger than the other. I forgot I had trimmed the other one down a bit.  Too late now to fix it.

A pair of snowflake mug rugs

The snowflake mug rugs

Happy Quilting!

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