Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.  Last week I had a double-dog-dare to create a Star Wars Cubeecraft quilt – still debating about that – Yoda has not yet advised me as to what I should do about the dare.

This week my topic is about Frosted Flake – no not the cereal and Tony the Tiger – but Frosted Flake is related to Tony the Tiger.  Frostie aka Frosted Flake or Queen Muck Muck is my 10 year old cat who is not fond of humans at all except for me of course and Michael when I am not around.

You probably shouldn't come near.

You probably shouldn’t come any closer, I don’t like you.

Vets are her least favourite people in the whole world but if it wasn’t for a couple of vets she wouldn’t be around – I don’t think she makes this correlation with her existence though.  Frostie was found frozen at a local bank in downtown Yellowknife as a kitten – her core temperature was 28 degrees Celsius when she arrived at the vet clinic and a normal temperature for a cat is 38 degrees Celsius.  The vet was not very hopeful she would make it through the night.

Now you know why she is named Frostie – has absolutely nothing to do with her charming personality although many would say it does.

Frostie and I have a special bond and I do believe she thinks she is human.  She loves to give me hugs – full front legs wrapped around my neck hugs with her face up as close to mine as she can possibly be.  Quite amazing really that she hasn’t outgrown this.  She also loves to butt my nose with her forehead and lick my hair – the hair licking isn’t so great when one is trying to sleep.

Me & my mom - my favourite person in the whole world.

Frostie and I

Over the years Frostie has been a great source of entertainment as well as heartache and expense.  She has a bit of a thread fetish – I guess you would say it is more than a bit – a gigantic thread fetish and me being a quilter there is always thread around.  I have to be diligent in putting it away and unthreading the machine when I am finished.  She even knows how it is threaded through the machine.

Helping out at the sewing machine or computer - either is fine as long as she has a lap to sit in.

Helping out at the sewing machine or computer – either is fine as long as she has a lap to sit in.

She is of course my most loyal fan and loves to help me in all aspects of my quilting – ironing, sewing, sandwiching layers together and keeping track of all the fabric I own – she knows what I have, trust me.

Helping mom sandwich an Animal Party quilt.

Helping mom sandwich an Animal Party quilt.

This thread fetish once ended her up in the hospital for a week and they were most certainly happy to return her to me at the end of the week as she turns into the devil child as soon as she crosses any threshold to a vet clinic.  To make a long story short, she ate 2 metres of grey cotton thread that wrapped around the back of her tongue and then made it’s way through her body.  This caused an obstruction and several perforations in her small intestines – needless to say she was one sick little kitty.  After a 4.5 hours surgery to remove the thread and repair the perforations the vet was not very optimistic of her survival – I on the other hand knew she would be just fine and she was.

So this is Frostie the suicidal cat who has not learned a thing from her past actions as she keeps coming back to eat the thread.

Frostie, will she ever learn.

Frostie, will she ever learn.

She may not be too bright but I do love her dearly.

Happy Quilting

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