flowers stitched on fabric

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

Flowers, we all love flowers and these flowers never die which is a bonus.

The free motion flowers are a bit more of a challenge but with practice they too can be mastered and added to your free motion quilting repertoire.

I have made a couple of quilts using this motif as an all over edge to edge design. This design can also be made any size to fit with the size of the area or quilt being quilted.

To tie the flowers together meandering has been used.

To start stitch a straight line and then put a circle at the end of it. This will be the centre of the flower.

centre of flower stitched

Making the centre of the flower

Continue stitching in an arc back down to the circle – the first petal.

first petal stitched in place

First petal stitched

Repeat this arc to make the second petal.

stitch second petal in place

Second petal added

The third petal is made in the same fashion.

stitch third petal around the centre

Third petal added

And finally add the last petal.

flower complete with 4 petals

Final petal added

Depending on the size of the centre you may want to add more petals.

Remember nothing is perfect in nature so if some of your flowers are a bit odd shaped that’s okay.

Happy Quilting!

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