Fray Block: What Is It And Does It Work?

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

My tool this week is Fray Block by June Tailor. This is not something I have used much of until I started adding couching to my work.

Fray Block is a liquid used to coat the ends of yarn or wool so they do not fray and unravel. Especially handy when couching where the ends of a piece of wool or yarn are not secured by anything. Left unattended they may just fray and unravel a bit.

It is extremely easy to use and the directions are printed on the back of the packaging. But never fear they are also printed on the back of the tube just in case the packaging gets misplaced or thrown away.

Written directions on packaging

Directions on back of packaging

I didn’t use the end of the cap to poke a hole in the tube to get started but rather a needle. That way just a small hole was made for the liquid to flow through. A waterfall is not needed just a trickle.

After warming it up and giving it a shake I applied a small amount to the end of a couched yarn. The tube has a nice pointed applicator making it easy to apply a dab or two on small sections of yarn.

End of tube of Fray Block

Applicator on tube

I was worried that it wouldn’t dry clear despite saying that it does. It dried very well and there was no sign of it ever having been applied other than a slight stiffness to the end of the yarn.

Teal fabric with a variety of stitching and couching

Used at the end of the rust wool – no residue

The only issue I have with the product is that it has a bit of a smell that tends to stick around – nothing too bad but if you don’t like smells it could be irritating.

This product is even washable and dry cleanable so it can pretty much be used on any type of quilt.

I was told that the product needs to be stored upright but I am not sure where I got the info from as it is not written on the packaging. Maybe the clerk at the store I bought it from. Anyway I store it upright even though it does have a screw on cap I don’t want it to leak.

It is also supplied in a bottle with a brush on applicator.

Now that I know Fray Block works I can apply it to all the free ends of the yarns on my Bull’s Eye quilt.

Happy Quilting!

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