yellow flowers and a house

Hey Everyone, welcome to Snapshot Saturday. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have decided to change Coffee Talk Saturday to Snapshot Saturday so I can still bring you some of my photos. I hope to get out and shoot at least once a week to keep myself motivated and creating within the medium of photography. Taking the photos and looking for photo opportunities has certainly helped me with some new ideas for art quilts and so by doing this weekly exercise I am hoping to gain material for my quilting as well.

The photos today are still from New Brunswick. All of them were shot at Shampers Bluff where Freeman Patterson has such beautiful gardens and grounds. The place is absolutely magical. We were very lucky to return there for a second afternoon of shooting after the workshop was over. It had rained in the morning so everything was nice and fresh. I spent a bit of time just sitting and soaking in the surroundings as well – very peaceful.

Upon going through my photos I found that many of them were out of focus unfortunately – not sure why but I did get a few. Michael did inform me when I complained that they were out of focus he had many an out of focus photo in the early days of his photo taking as well. Guess I shouldn’t feel so bad.

There were still some flowers in bloom and me being a flower lover spent a bit of time focusing on them.  The image at the top of the page is of the yellow Jerusalem Daisy which is the same flower I used in the blue bottle picture and barn door photo on Day 4 of the workshop. Here are three of the flower I took that afternoon but only know the name of one for sure.

Brown Eyed Susan

yellow flower with brown centre

Orange lily of some sort

orange flower

Pretty reddish pink flower

reddish pink flower

This last photo was taken in the bog and it isn’t a flower photo but it does have greenery and some red berries in it – does that count? I have a new photography assignment and the topic is ‘red’. I started photographing some red while I was there. I was also trying to work on depth of field – still need a bit of practice but not bad I would say.

wooden board walk

Happy Quilting!

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