I'll Have a Flat White Please

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

I love my coffee especially good coffee. None of that freeze dried instant crap I want the real thing with fresh ground beans. My love affair with coffee started 25 years ago when I went to my friend’s wedding. I went out the week before to help get ready and her mom always had a pot of percolated coffee on the go. Growing up in a house that the coffee pot rarely came out of the cupboard I had never even tried the stuff. I figured why not I’ll have a cup – one cup did it and I was hooked – for life.

Oh, I have tried to quit a couple of times but with to avail and then I figured why should I. I truly do love my coffee so why deny myself this pleasure each day – okay, pleasures each day as I definitely drink more than one cup a day.

I wasn’t a drink-it-black kind of gal, I had to doctor it up with sugar and milk – maybe one day I will get to the nothing in it stage but I am now just down to milk thanks to my first visit to Australia. Michael had been to Australia a couple of times and he kept coming back and telling me about these espressos called flat whites and how awesome they are. I wasn’t an espresso fan at the time and thought, “right! They can’t be that great.”

I accompanied Michael on a trip once and I was hooked – the flat whites were as good as he said. Now, as with anything, there are good ones and bad ones – all depends on the barista making them. A good one though is so smooth with no bitter aftertaste – like drinking a little piece of heaven.  No sugar required in these and so I dropped the sugar from my coffee but haven’t been able to shake the cream yet, probably never will.

I have to say that the best flat whites are in Melbourne but there are some great ones to be found at the cafes along the beach in Adelaide as well.

What is a flat white you say?  The best way to describe it is a short latte – hold the foam.

Now if only North America could figure out how to make them. I would be one very happy gal. I guess I will just continue to buy great beans and grind my own for that perfect cup of java as I do not foresee a trip to Australia in my near future.

Happy Quilting!

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