Jumbo Custom Christmas Stocking with Rudolph

Jumbo Custom Christmas Stocking with Rudolph

Hi Everyone!

Well, it’s the 21st of September.  The fall equinox and the first day of fall.  Already the leaves have started changing colour and there are spots of brilliant orange and red on the maple trees around these parts.  Hopefully we’ll have just the right combination of weather to have a truly spectacular fall colour show.

For those of you keen to get out and see the fall colours, be sure to check in with the Ontario Tourism’s Fall Colour Reports.

Also be sure to check out Ontario Tourism’s series of great fall colour driving routes.

Another sure sign of fall is that Santa Sac Season has fired up here at Quilts by Jen.  Already, the orders for Christmas Santa Sacs and Stockings have started coming in with 12 orders in the pipeline now.

I always enjoy creating these one-of-a-kind Sacs and Stockings.  I create each one to be unique, even when someone orders a Sac that is “exactly like the one you made for so-and-so” I still make sure the Sacs are unique in some significant way.  Each one is very special to me, the person giving the sac and especially to the recipient, so I just think it is so important that the sac itself be unique to that person.

Starting about a month ago, I started hunting through the fabric shelves at our local quilting shops to stock up on new fabrics, colours and patterns so I would be ready for the rush of orders coming in.  The fabric shelves at Quilts by Jen are now fully stocked and ready to go.  We’ll probably go into full production mode here in a couple of weeks once my Purely Canadian Quilt pattern is completed and off to the printers.

Have you been wondering what to give this year to a special person in your life?  Are you struggling to come up with something unique?  Something they won’t get bored of in a couple months?  Something that won’t break?  That will last for years and become a treasured part of Christmas every year?

A custom Santa Sac or Christmas Stocking might be just what you’re looking for.

Custom Handmade Christmas Santa Sacs

Three Custom Handmade Christmas Santa Sacs

Get your order in early to ensure your Sac or Stocking arrives in time for Christmas by contacting me right away!

Here’s more information about my Santa Sacs and Christmas Stockings.

And, of course, for the more crafty-capable of you, yes, you can purchase patterns for Santa Sacs and make your own awesome, handmade Christmas gift.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful, safe and happy weekend!