felted sunflower on blue jean

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Okay, so the felting doesn’t use up much stash but I am happy to report that I will be using 28 metres of fabric in the next week making Santa Sacs and jumbo stockings. Plus another 5 and a ½ in a baby quilt. Now that is good stash blasting – if only it looked like 28 metres was missing from the stash. Maybe if I cleaned up the mess in the cupboards it would. I could use some Christmas elves to do that for me. I know wishful thinking.

Last week I had another felting class with my friend Elizabeth. I am still using the embellishing machine, blue jeans, roving and other bits to create these little samples. I think I have used up one pant leg now.

The sunflower at the top of the page I drew onto a piece of felt and cut out. The pencil lines showed through a bit when I felted it which made it rather interesting. I intend to add in some stitching for definition on the petals and some french knots for seeds in the centre. I am thinking seed beads might work better in the centre or maybe a mix of both.

The next two pieces were just more playing with positive and negative space as I did earlier this year. This time using circles to create the negative space rather than straight edged pieces such as triangles and lines.

Creation #1

Strings through the circles

Creation #2

Circles in the field

They both look a bit like UFO’s have been landing and wrecking havoc.

Happy Quilting!

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