Every Colour On The Wheel

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Colourful Friday.

Over the past 4 months I have discussed many aspects of colour as well as the different colour schemes that the colour wheel or star have to offer. This last colour scheme is every colour on the wheel or otherwise known as a scrappy quilt – it could be totally random scrappy or a very organized scrappy quilt. Pretty much anything goes.

An example of a true scrappy quilt would be my Ugly Quilt.

Every Colour On The Wheel

My party quilts though use all the colours from the colour wheel but are definitely a lot more organised and still use value to create contrast within the quilts. 

Animal Party is made with and without appliquéd animals. The one without appliqué is definitely more scrappy looking and is featured at the beginning of the post.

Every Colour On The Wheel

Ocean Party has many colours and the pinwheels are created with a light and dark fabric to create contrast.

Every Colour On The Wheel

The memory quilt I created would also be considered a quilt that uses all the colours on the colour wheel as well as being very scrappy looking but in an organised way due to the pattern used.

Every Colour On The Wheel

Just a few examples of the full use of the colour wheel.

Patterns for Animal Party and Ocean Party are currently in stock so email me now to order one. Each pattern comes with instructions for three variations – including with and without appliqué.

Happy Quilting!

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