Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday.

This week’s story is about a quilt I made for my sister’s mother-in-law. Eva lives in a seniors home and needed a name plate for her door as all she had was a piece of paper with her name written on it in pen – not very fancy or creative for that matter.

When Eva was younger she spent her time doing embroidery and let me tell you her stitches are perfect. I should have had her teach me how to do embroidery before she quit. A while back my sister sent me a whole bunch of Eva’s embroidery pieces for me to make into a quilt which, of course, is still on the to do list. I decided to use one of the pieces for her name plate.

After choosing the embroidery design I picked fabrics from my stash to coordinate with the colours in the flower. I made the name plate with a simple design of the embroidery on one side set on point and her name beside it.  Both the name and embroidery pieces were fused on with fusible web.

To make them stand out a little bit more I used the double thick blanket stitch. The quilting was done with a small all-over free motion design of stippling. The dense stippling around the name and flower really made them stand out even more on the piece.

An easy way to add a little bit of creativity to the door in a seniors home – even better if you have some of their art work to incorporate into the piece.

Eva's name quilt hanging on her door.

Eva’s name quilt hanging on her door.

And by the way, Eva loved it but the funny thing is she didn’t remember doing that embroidery piece.

Happy Quilting!

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