When one is double dog dared one has to respond to the dare and the conversationalist who started it all.  Right Elaine?

This conversation took place the other day in the 365 day blog challenge group that I am a part of – the V7N Blogging Tips and Challenges.

Elaine Said

Jennifer, your talents are astounding and it’s wonderful to read how you and Michael work together using some of his pics….so we’ll all be expecting a Star Wars cubee quilt before summer, ya?

Michael Said

OMG, that’s an AWESOME idea. Jennifer Houlden – I double-dog-dare you… (hehe, eh Ruth?)

Ruth Said

a block a month might work Jen…. Michael, no dare for me. I have too much on my plate now and sometimes one just has to say no 🙁

My husband! Isn’t he great? – guess he figured he needed to find me another challenge. And you Elaine, just egg him on, don’t you?  Thank you, Ruth for coming to my rescue with a simplified option.

Now, am I going to take Michael up on this dare ?- not sure.

Do I have time?  No way!  Has that stopped me in the past? Nope!

But the really scary part of it all is I received an e-mail in my inbox just moments after reading this conversation from J&O Fabrics that was advertising Star Wars fabric. Way too weird but I wonder, “Does it mean something?”  Maybe I am supposed to make a quilt with all these little guys on it.

The fabric swatch in the e-mail.

The fabric swatch in the e-mail.

Will Elaine have a quilt to look at of Star Wars Cubee figures by summer?  I don’t think so, but who knows maybe in January 2014 after the challenge is up.  One block a month I might be able to manage but not 365 of them!!!!

I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do as Yoda and I have some thinking to do on this matter.  May the Force be with me.

You can check out Michael’s other Star Wars Cubee figures.  They really are cool.

Happy Quilting!

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