Do You Believe In Guardian Angels

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

At the beginning of the month I went for lunch with a friend of mine and we had a conversation about angels – guardian angels to be specific. She asked me if I believed in angels and my reply was that I most certainly do. Her next question was of course the very simple one of why.

Why do I believe in angels?

As a nurse I have seen patients come into ICU or emerg who should probably never even have made it through the doors of the hospital let alone walk out of the hospital and also vice versa, the ones whom you think should survive and don’t. Why does this happen – I don’t know but I do believe that when your time is up your time is up no matter what. The rest of the time our guardian angels are hard at work keeping us safe and sound.

I can attest to having a guardian angel who certainly has taken care of me in the past. Twice in one week back in 1997. There are other incidents as well but these are the two most memorable.

First Incident

I went scuba diving and we did a fairly deep dive and I ended up getting nitrogen narcosis which when one becomes narced it is like they are drunk and do not think rationally or make good decisions. I ended up bolting to the surface – now being at this depth I should have done a significant safety stop but of course my brain was only telling me to get out of there and so I did. No lung expansion injury which means I must have blown out all the way up and I didn’t get the bends from ascending far too quickly – the body does not really like it when bubbles expand within it.

Second Incident

I was driving down the Deerfoot Trail in Calgary on a rainy day when all of a sudden the car I was driving decided to hydroplane. There wasn’t much I could do as the car did 360’s on the busiest freeway in Calgary. I was very lucky as one lady stated as I sat in the car facing the right direction on the shoulder where the car came to stop. Another perspective from a male is that was some fancy driving that I did. Did my life flash before my eyes – have no idea as it happened so fast, a blink of the eye and it was over. No one else hit anyone either and all was good.

Another reason I believe isĀ because I have two cats who survived against all odds being frozen in the Canadian Arctic as wee tiny kittens. It was -40 and they should never have made it but it wasn’t their time and the angels kept them safe to come live with us and enrich our lives.

So do I believe in guardian angels – sure do cause otherwise I have no idea how or why I survived those two incidents. My angel was there protecting me as it wasn’t my time yet just as angels are all around protecting all who believe.

Maybe you don’t believe in angels and that’s okay, but I do.

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