Oh My Aching Feet

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

There I am standing at my demo table in the Country Concessions booth at Creativfest. Yep, standing there for 11 hours. Okay I did sit for my lunch break at 1 in the afternoon. Thank goodness Cynthia and Shannon have a cushioned floor to put down for us to stand on. I feel sorry for the people in booths with no cushioned floor.

I honestly didn’t think my feet were that sore until I took the shoes off and when I did they were just sort of tingling and aching all over. Probably the blood flow getting back to them and making them feel again.  I even had on my really good Joseph Siebel shoes. Today I am switching up my shoes and wearing my Footprints from Birkenstock. Good shoes are so important when one is standing on their feet all day.

The first day was a success. The people arrived in full force at 0900 for early bird entry and shopping. I swear that they had open the doors to the general public at that time. After 10 the crowds became thicker and there was a low roar of chatter the rest of the day. All the booths and people definitely create for an environment of stimulation overload but certainly good overload. Every thing from crocheted hot air balloons to thread to quilting supplies to beads and much much more. A good thing I was working and not shopping.

My platform presentation went really well yesterday and I’m totally looking forward to today’s presentation. About 15 people showed up to listen to me speak, see my quilts and asking lots of great questions – pretty good I would say.  Throughout the day many familiar faces and friends dropped by my demo table to say hi and many others whom I had never met but had a great time chatting with.

I demonstrated the Leaves Galore rulers and Kaleido-Rulers many, many times during the day yesterday.  In fact I cut up 3 metres of fabric and it all fit in my little bitty purple garbage can.  I should have taken a picture of it – it sure was heavy but then again 3 metres of fabric has a bit of weight to it.

I had a great response to the designs I had created with the two rulers especially the Leaves Galore rulers. My Sunflower quilt and new Dahlia design were also received very well with many asking for patterns and classes of each. Guess I had best get busy.

Well, it is time for another day on my feet. Lets hope changing up my shoes is good for my poor aching feet – a good ache though cause I am doing something I enjoy immensely – teaching others about quilting.

Happy Quilitng
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