This last week or so I have received several emails from other quilters showing me their completed projects. A couple of these emails came from students from my classes this fall.

One student in particular has a great story. Tiffany signed up for one of my Santa Sac workshops this fall. Turns out, this was also her first attempt at a sewing project, period. While Santa Sacs aren’t super-hard, they aren’t for the faint of heart either – not if you want your Sac to look terrific. The complexity of the project didn’t phase Tiffany at all, she just jumped in and started learning – right from how to thread her machine. In time for Christmas, her Sac is complete! I think she’s done a fantastic job on this one – well done, Tiffany.  Tiffany has said that her next child’s name will not have an ‘A’ in it – I don’t think she liked stitching around the ‘A’.


Tiffany's Santa Sac

Tiffany’s Santa Sac – Way to go!

Another one of my favourite Christmas classes is teaching this really cool stained glass effect Poinsettia wall hanging quilt.  Louise was one of the students in my class at Simcoe Sew and Quilt and she sent through this image of her finished wall hanging.  Another great projected completed in time for the holiday season.

I just really love these quick projects around this time of the year.  As quilters, we always have so many projects on the go (not to mention everything else going on at this time of the year – parades, concerts, parties, baking, family get-togethers)  and they always seem to be big projects, so it’s kinda nice to tuck into a project like these ones that you can knock out in a day or two and have something to show off and feel good about.

Great work Louise for getting this one finished and sharing it with us!

Louise's Poinsettia Wall Hanging Quilt

Louise’s Poinsettia Wall Hanging Quilt

At the Country Concession‘s quilting retreat this fall I gave Sandy a Santa Sac pattern in our gift exchange.  Sandy, then made not one, but three Santa Sacs for her family.  She figured there would be more sacs in her future when other family members saw these ones.  You did a great job on these Sandy and they look magnificent.  Your family will be thrilled when it’s time to open these sacs on Christmas morning.
Sandy's Santa Sacs

Sandy’s Santa Sacs – There will be some excited kids in this family on Christmas morning!

Ladies, you’ve all done a wonderful job on these projects and I really am thrilled that you sent me pictures of the finished product. It’s always wonderful to see them finished.  I especially like seeing how many different variations the same pattern can result in just by changing the fabric a little bit.

Just as a reminder everyone, if you have a UFO you’ve finished, whether it was from one of my classes or just something you’ve been working on for a while, I would love to share the story of your project here on my blog, just let me know!

Alright everyone, time to get back to making chocolate balls so Michael can get his niece and nephew spun out on sugar on Christmas day… hee hee.  (Sorry in advance, Sarah – but what else are aunties and uncles for?)

Happy Quilting!

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