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Since it is the season of the poinsettia I thought this quilt would be quite appropriate to share with you. Christmas Pointsettia is one of Ruth Blanchet’s designs from Arbee Designs.

This pattern is made up of the complementary colour scheme red and green. In order to get some depth in the flower several different red and greens can be used. I used three reds and one green for the flower. To make the flower pop out a light background is needed to create contrast. The black lines then make it all pop and work well together.

I made the quilt a couple of years ago using the Freckles fabric line from Northcott. Unfortunately, the Freckles line is no longer but Northcott does have a new line called Toscana which would work quite nicely. It has a variety of reds and greens. This piece also looks fantastic in Batiks.

The wall hanging is made using fusible web appliqué and takes no time at all to assemble especially since the pieces are large and there are not very many of them. Everything is assembled onto the background and fused in place. All the templates are included in the pattern.

The stained glass lines are created with the Clover Fusible Bias Tape which comes pre made on a roll. This saves a lot of time. Or if you prefer you can make your own fusible bias binding with the instructions that are included in the pattern. A fusible bias tape maker will make it easy to make your own.

To see how a stained glass piece is put together check out my post on Colourful Callas. This is another stained glass flower pattern from Arbee.

To quilt this piece I simply stitched along the black bias tape. Once the tape was on I sandwiched the three layers and then stitched down the bias tape with a straight stitch on either side. This works perfectly as the quilting.

To finish off the pattern I added some beads to the centre as the stamens.

I do love this Christmas flower and usually have a couple sitting on my mantle in the living room for the month of December and several weeks beyond. I always tend to buy the red ones but I do like the pink and white ones as well.

Which is your favourite colour of flower?

Happy Quilting!

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