Colourful Snowman and Santa

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

Yesterday I went with my mother-in-law and Michael’s niece and nephew to Bradford Nurseries near Barrie, Ontario. This is the first time I have ever been but it is definitely a worth a visit as it is gorgeously decorated for the holidays. And if you love to buy Christmas decorations then this place is for you.

I do believe that they have every colour under the sun and over the rainbow of Christmas decorations. There is also a tree done in each and everyone of these colours. Amazing combinations of colours as well. It would be great just to walk out of the place with a fully decorated tree. Not sure how it would fair on the car trip home though.

We picked up some poinsettias and it was a tough decision as to what colour to get this year but I opted for pink. The plant is huge and looks great on the mantle. You can see it there in the photo.

The other thing I just could not resist were these pot belly Santa and Snowman. Are they not just the cutest? I love the bright green and red with the white – very striking. The colours definitely caught my eye in the store from afar. Erik and Anna each got one as well. The cool thing is that their legs are telescoping so they can be a bit higher or shorter depending on the day and who plays with them.

So this little trip to the nursery has given me my inspiration for this weeks Stitch Along Sunday challenge. Check out this weeks rules on Ruth’s blog, December Week 2 Rules. I am hoping to get it done today and posted but if not then definitely for Monday.

Happy Quilting!

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