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Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I have been creating and writing about on my blog since the beginning of the year. And as much as I like patchwork and all the designs that can be created with patchwork I need to move in a different direction.

The revelation that I need to do something different came to me on Wednesday when I was putting the Scrap Crazy pieces together – I just wasn’t happy with what I was creating and was finding the blocks very constricting in what I could do with them.

Working with the pre-cuts the past few weeks I realize why they have sat in my drawer for so long – when put together they look like a scrappy quilt and scrappy just isn’t my style. I still have hopes that they will be put to use as I have a huge stock pile of them in my stash. In fact I have had a few ideas come to me as to how to put them to use.

So I am still going to highlight the rulers but instead of creating a patchwork design with the pieces I am going to create an art quilt of some sort or description. This will all be a total experiment for me and sometimes the results may be fantastic while other times not so fantastic.

My goal is to move forward and to create more textile art rather than patchwork quilts. I am looking forward to the process, the development of the art pieces and the repurposing of other works not yet finished.

With this new focus for some of my work I am changing the name of Friday to Free Form Friday where I am free to do what I want that day whether it be felting, free motion quilting, free form design, etc. The rest of my blog will mostly stay the same – Stitch Along Sundays, UFO Spotlight, Mug Rug Mondays, Cool Tool Thursdays with possibly some changes to Technique Tuesday and Stash Blasting Wednesday.

So I hope you will also embrace this new focus with me.

Happy Quilting!

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