Crisscross lines as a free motion quilting motif

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

This quilting motif is a great way to fill in negative space and to carry border designs beyond the border and into the centre of the quilt. I did just that with my Sunflower Quilt.

To start, draw out the grid, designs or shapes that you wish to fill in with this motif on the quilt. I usually use the Chaco Liner from Clover to do this. Mark an ‘X’ in the areas that need to be quilted.

Crisscross quilting motif with grid drawn

Draw out grid on area to be quilted

This design is done completely with the free motion foot.

Stitch along the outline of the design that is to be filled in.

Crisscross quilting motif with squares outlined

Outline squares that are to be quilted

Stitch up and down in the areas as one long continuous line keeping the lines fairly close together and putting a small curve at the bottom and top of the lines.

Crisscross quilting motif with first layer of stitching done in one square

First layer of stitching complete to fill in one square

Turn the piece 90 degrees.

Crisscross quilting motif in position to start stitching in opposite direction

Piece turned and ready to start stitching in the opposite direction

Stitch another long continuous line up and down to crisscross over the first layer of stitching.

Crisscross quilting motif with second layer complete in one square

Second layer of stitching completed in one square to create a burlap effect

Continue quilting in the other squares until all the squares are filled in.

Crisscross lines as a free motion quilting motif completed

Stitching complete in all four squares

I like the look of variegated thread for this quilting design but a solid colour would work as well.

This motif is not limited to just squares – triangles, rectangles, circles and diamonds would all be just as effective.

Happy Quilting!

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