Bull's Eye free motion motif

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

The other day I started quilting my Bull’s Eye quilt using what else but a bull’s eye motif. This motif is really quite easy.

Start in the centre of the piece making a swirl. Just move the fabric in a circle motion under the foot to create the design.

Small swirl of stitching

Make a small swirl

Continue on around the original swirl.

A second swirl added around the first

Stitch around the swirl

Keep on going.

Three rings in the bull's eye

Add another ring

And going.

Multiple rings of stitching

Five rings on the bull’s eye

Until you go off the edge of the fabric or have filled the space.

Bull's Eye free motion motif

Several rings in the bulls eye

Here’s what I have done on the Bull’s Eye UFO so far. Just the middle part that won’t actually be seen since it will be behind the feature square. But the back will be seen.

Bull's eye motif in centre of quilt

Centre of quilt quilted

The bull’s eyes in this quilt will overlap each other in several different colours of blue Sulky rayon threads just as I overlapped the couching on the feature square.

Many spools of blue thread

The threads

Must go as I have a lot of stitching to do before I get to the fun part of embellishing not that free motion quilting isn’t fun.

Happy Quilting!

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