Building the sunflower one petal at a time

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

I just spent the last two days teaching my Bargello Sunflower class at Quilty Pleasures in Orleans, Ontario.

What a fabulous two days we had – laughing, sewing, learning, creating and being inspired by each other.

Quilters enjoying and having fun in class

Laughter and smiles were part of the class

Of the 10 students in the class only one had done a Bargello in the past but by the end of the two days each student had learned the technique.

In fact Barb even came up with a new terminology of Bargelloing especially when she thought her piece wasn’t Bargelloing properly. Everyone else caught onto the new term quite quickly.

Working on the Bargello

Bargelloing we will go

Here they all are on the first day working diligently and completely focused on the task at hand. The classroom was very quiet.

Classroom full of students at Quilty Pleasure quilt shop

Totally focused and hard at work

Creating a Bargello to create the sunflower petals with.

Fabric sewn into a bargello

A partially completed Bargello

A completed Bargello piece.

Bargello piece sewn together with 7 fabrics from light to dark

A completed Bargello

In fact some even worked at home into the wee hours Friday night in order to be able to complete the flower on the second day of class.

The petal pieces are done as appliqué and here they are made from fusible web laid out on the backside of the Bargello. A couple of family members couldn’t believe we were going to cut it up as it was so pretty.

Applique pieces ready to be fused to back of bargello

Petal pieces ready for fusing

My biggest saying of the class when someone thought something wasn’t sewn together right or it wasn’t to perfection was “Don’t worry about that cause we are just going to cut it up.”

Arranging the petals into a flower.

Starting to place the petals in the sunflower

The beginning of petal placement

The flower progressing.

Building the sunflower one petal at a time

The sunflower progressing

The flower completed and fused to the background fabric.

A sunflower fused to a background fabric

Completed sunflower

What an awesome class this was. Not only did the students learn a lot but I also learned a few things to help with the creation of the sunflower piece.

Thank you to all who took the class and to Val and Leslie of Quilty Pleasures for inviting me to teach at their shop. It has been a pleasure. I am looking forward to returning in the fall for the second Bargello Sunflower class and who knows maybe there will even be a third class.

And here’s Amy, Val’s daughter sporting a bargello crown. Looks great.

A crown of fabrics

Amy sporting her Bargello crown

Happy Quilting