Summer Bargello Quilt

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Last week I started talking about the Bargello Seasons quilts I made a few years ago in an on-line class with Ruth Blanchet of Arbee Designs. This class is designed with four different bargello quilts each depicting a season through the use of colour. Each pattern also has a different bargello design, technique and degree of difficulty.

The first one was bargello in spring and of course it just makes sense that the next one is bargello in summer which is the quilt that today’s post is all about.

Once again I went to my stash to see what colours I had that looked like summer. I settled on a feature fabric of purple pansies with a bit of yellow thrown in. This pansy fabric was perfect. I love pansies and they always remind me of my grandma who had a whole flower bed of pansies beside the house and driveway. From this one piece of fabric I pulled the rest of the fabrics. Even though I only used purple fabrics the piece has the look of a complementary colour scheme with the yellow patches scattered throughout it from the pansy fabric.

The fabrics I chose to create Summer Bargello

The fabrics I chose to create the piece

I created my piece following class instructions and decided that it needed more. The original piece was only half of the bargello that I have pictured above. I had enough fabric left over so I set to work making the mirror image of the piece I had already created. I loved the result and so did Ruth as she made one like it to replace her cover image on the pattern.

The top half of Bargello in Summer with the Bargello strips all sewn together

Frostie critiquing and giving her two cents worth

When it came to the borders I added in a new fabric just to create some contrast and frame the inner bargello piece. A couple more borders were added with the contrast fabric being used as a cornerstone in each. I had also wanted to create one more border as a delectable mountain border but I unfortunately did not have enough pansy fabric to do this. Another time on another quilt, I suppose.

The quilting was a very simple mimicking of the pattern of the bargello.

This quilt looks great oriented either horizontally or vertically and each orientation presents entirely different feelings. Which is your favourite?

Bargello Summer Quilt viewed horizontally - a different perspective

Want to learn how to create a bargello then join me at Country Concessions in Cookstown the last 2 Fridays in May to create Bargello in Spring, Summer or Winter. Check out my Bargello workshop listing for more information and contact Country Concessions to book.

And, of course, I would love to come and teach these quilts to you and your group, guild or friends. Email me and let’s talk!

Happy Quilting!

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