Another Kleenex Box Full Of Inspiration

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

A few weeks ago I was teaching in Newmarket and found a kleenex box full of inspiration – well not exactly full but certainly covered in inspiration. I found the design on the box to be very interesting in relation to the movement the design creates and of course the colours. The colours would be what caught my eye first.

It reminds me of the northern lights dancing in the sky, flower bulbs, leaves and petals. It also has an African look that maybe my new African Batiks might like to try out.

The Leaves Galore rulers could probably come in rather handy to recreate this design along with some gorgeous fabric runs from light to dark with a contrast thrown in to create some magic.

The white dotted lines could be the quilting lines or possibly bead work or couching – so many options.

As I sit and look at the design a flame of a candle comes into mind as well. Like the flame of the Olympic torches.

What do you see when you look at the Kleenex box full of inspiration?

Happy Quilting!

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