Couching on bottom of quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

With a focus of adding texture and contrast to a quilt this week’s technique is couching. To learn how and what couching is check out my blog post from last year – What is Couching?

Couching can be added to a piece to give dimension, colour and contrast to a quilt.

The piece I am working on right now has a dark bottom to it which is made up of many different fabrics. These fabrics are to represent the African land and soil. I felt that they were a bit too dark and I wanted to lighten the bottom up. As well I wanted to portray how the land can be cracked due to draught.

No couching on the background

Background without couching

For this I used a cord like yarn in a light colour with specks of other colour throughout. The light colour certainly contrasts with the dark background. By couching this yarn onto the squares I have given a sense of texture and depth to the ground.

Yarn in a tangled mess

My mess of tangled yarn

This is a fun technique to use and play with.

Happy Quilting!

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