Soda Pop

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

I am always the second one up in the house each morning – the first is Tripod our three legged cat who is demanding her breakfast and that I get out of bed to feed her.

This morning as I sat at my computer downstairs I received a text from Soda.  It said:

Mommy, I’m so stuck!

Soda is a 50 pound German Shepherd/Husky X dog with a few other breeds mixed in. She is 14 ½″ years old but you wouldn’t know it as she acts like a puppy a lot of the time.  She was so glad to leave the Australian Outback and return to the land of ice and snow.  After all she is a northern dog – it’s in her blood as she lived in Yellowknife for many years running with the snowmobile.

Every night she starts out lying by the bed to sleep and every morning she ends up partially under the bed but this morning she was all the way under the bed.  I have no idea how she can get herself under there in her sleep and then be stuck and require assistance to get out.  Baffles my mind.

What a silly dog! and we love her all the same.

Happy Quilting!

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