Abby Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

At the end of November last year I was asked by a neighbour to make a quilt in memory of their dog. It was a surprise present for her partner for Christmas which meant I didn’t have a lot of time.

Thank goodness it wasn’t queen size – only a lap size.

I was given 16 photos to work with and a rough idea of what she wanted. A photo of Abby in the middle with her name and then her nicknames surrounding the centre photo. After that the design was up to me.

A photo of a dog with her name underneath

Abby in the middle


The colour scheme for the quilt – earth colours with a mossy green flannel for the backing.

My biggest challenge was the fabric as I am not an earth colour girl and I thought, “oh boy. I don’t have enough of those colours in my stash to make a lap sized quilt”. When I opened one of the drawers of my stash cupboard I discovered the fabrics that I designed Geometric Forest with – all earth tones – perfect. I was now in business.

I had Michael prep the photos to make sure they would be awesome and then I printed them on EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets – worked like a charm and the colours were fabulous. These fabric sheets are very easy to work with and look great – highly recommended for printing your own photos on fabric.

I designed the quilt using Electric Quilt EQ7 and then, as I started piecing the quilt together a few things changed. I did keep this quilt fairly straightforward since I didn’t have a lot of time especially with an unexpected trip home for Christmas.

I appliquéd her nicknames onto bone shapes and then fused them to the quilt. And, of course, since she is the star of the quilt I added in 4 stars surrounding her pictures. Anyone who has owned a dog knows that they are a star.

Appliquéd bones with the dogs nicknames

Nicknames appliqued on bones

The quilt was quilted with straight lines outlining the different blocks and pieces. Originally I was going to use my free motion bone motif but then decided it would be too much.

Straight line quilting echoing the lines of the quilt

Close up of quilting

I delivered the quilt all done except for the hand sewing on the binding which I did when I returned after Christmas.

The quilt was an absolute hit and the colours were perfect. Thank goodness for that fabric I had stashed away in my stash.

Happy Quilting!

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