A Bit Of Exercise Can Be Quite Inspiring

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

This morning we woke to a hot humid day. Michael’s planned ride was cancelled so I offered to go with him on a bike ride but not in the bush – a road ride and no hills please. That’s funny he says as we live in a very hilly township with lots of ups and downs on all of the roads. I being from the flat land of Saskatchewan say that is why I cannot do hills – never had the chance to learn. He says he has a great route with very few hills. I say okay lets go.

Off we went on our mountain bikes for a road bike ride. One day maybe we will own road bikes and apparently those hills will be much easier. I survived the hills and had to walk a couple but here is no shame in that and maybe if I keep at it by winter I might be able to ride up them all the way. Woohoo!!

We are very lucky to live in a very picaresque part of Ontario and touring around the roads on a bike is a great way to enjoy the wonderful scenery. The picture above really depicts what the scenery is like around here – lots of trees with farmland interspersed. Great amounts of inspiration available from the scenery.

As we were riding down the 7th Line I said to Michael that I would have to go to the studio tour in the afternoon when we returned and that Mary Ann’s place was just the next line over half way up this very steep hill. He said do you want to go and I said no I don’t think so in bike gear. Well, we ended up going half way up the hill to Mary Ann’s to receive a little bit of inspiration from art.

This weekend was the Coldwater Studio Tour and there were a couple of other venues along with Mary Ann’s not far off our path so we stopped by them as well. All in all we saw 7 different artists ranging from water colour, mixed media, wood turning, pottery, whimsical fantasy sculptures and furniture. A great variety in just a few short kilometres.

The Coldwater Studio Tour is an annual event always held in June around this weekend. There are upwards of 40 artists showcased in the tour displaying many different mediums. So many talented artists in this little area of the world. If you have never been you should mark it on your calendars for next year – who knows maybe I’ll be in it.

Every venue we stopped at were a bit shocked when we pulled up on our push bikes. We did say we were only staying in this little corner and not doing the full tour – that I would never have survived – the bike seat would have been just far too uncomfortable and I have extra padding on mine.

Happy Quilting!

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